Falls Management

At J S Dobbs & Co Ltd, we carry a wide range of healthcare solutions for the elderly and less able. In particular we have an excellent range of products for falls management. Just click on the icon below to be taken to the product area in which you have most interest. This links directly to the website of our supply partners including Turun, Harvest Healthcare, Comfortable and Posey.

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Please note that when you click on a link below you are brought to the website of one of our suppliers. If you have any specific queries please contact us by phone on +353 1 839 1071, by email info@jsdobbs.ie, or by filling in the contact form on our website.

Fall Savers

Sensor Pads

Fall Management Wear

CareAssist Pager

Stealth Falls Risk Sensor

High Density Fall Mat

Comfort Hip Protector


Low Electric Beds

Safety Wedge

Infrared Monitor

Folding Crash Mat

Folding Siderail Bumper